Tiger One is a sourcing company for food service disposables, paper, Jan-San items and packaging products. We work globally with proven and trusted foreign and domestic manufacturers. Due to our long term relationships and bulk buying power, we help companies acquire packaging products at highly efficient cost points.

Tiger One offers turnkey service, from consulting to sourcing to logistics and follow up customer support. We save clients’ money and time due to our cost-effective and efficient purchasing processes.

Leverage Tiger One to save on your packaging costs. We will handle the logistics so you can get back to running your business!

Tiger One has a proven global network of manufacturers for food service disposable, paper and packaging products and Jan-San supplies . We focus on consulting with clients to understand their end product, target market and their process, and then provide recommendations based on client budget and timing needs.
Tiger One will facilitate the entire purchasing process, whether foreign or local, and will work with client on logistics.

Businesses that choose Tiger One have a trusted logistics partner that can not only source and purchase on their behalf but is experienced in understanding delivery times, complex customs requirements in various countries and can streamline the entire purchase to delivery process for your business.

Tiger One is your one stop shop for all types of foreign and domestic food service and packaging products including but not limited to stretch and bubble wrap, polyethylene bags and films and other manufactured packaging materials.
Ask about Tiger One’s consultation service. We have years of experience in this industry and can advise you on cost effective packaging processes that will save you thousands of dollars, frustration and sleepless nights.

What We Do Best

Tiger One is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and services clients from across the globe specializing in procurement and logistics in disposable packaging. Our expertise with purchasing and delivering food service items, polyethylene bags and films and all packaging items, will SAVE your bottom line and allow your production to run smoothly without costly delays of waiting for product to arrive on time!

Whether your business has a local need or large global needs, Tiger One is a proven operator with a keen focus on Supply Chain Management. We are passionate about providing quality products at cost effective pricing with 5 star customer support.

Tiger One currently has over 100 product lines and is continuously adding to our supply chain. With 30 years experience in Supply Chain Management, Tiger One will insure a smooth flow of products reaches your business in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in creating a global procurement experience as close to the domestic buying experience – low risk, unwavering quality and easy to control lead times.

Need a customized service?

We will develop a plan based on your individual needs and targets, whether that is reducing costs, timely deliveries and improved customer support.
Delivery Options include:
• Direct ocean containers to your destination
• Combination of items from our Asian mixing centers
• Truckloads-LTL from our North American warehouses and manufacturers.

Consultative Services

Your business has a great product.
Now you need to get it to your target market.

 How do you best package your product to protect it?
 How do you contain packaging supply costs?
 What quantities of inventory do you need to have on hand so you never run out of packaging?
 Can your budget handle pricing from domestic suppliers or do you need to outsource globally?

These are just a few of the questions that our experienced agents can help you with. We understand that packaging materials can be one of the higher ticket items in your business and we can help you find the most cost effective and efficient process to get your materials….consistently.

In our 30 years of business, we have helped many clients through our specialized services of:
 Management Consulting
 Sales Assessment & Optimization
 Manufacturing Cost Efficiency Reviews
 Personnel Evaluation
Experience the TigerOne difference and see why we have a 99% retention rate with our clients. We are here to serve you and save you money and time!

Call us today to start saving.

Tiger One LLC - Your Supply Chain Management Partner

Tiger One LLC – Your Supply Chain Management Partner